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Selecting a doctor to treat you is a complicated process, how do we put our trust in someone whom we don't know at all. Through this platform we hope we can help you choose a doctor for your well being. We endeavor to make this a transparent process, where both patients and doctors can add to content helping each other in the process.

If one searches for any illness, there is a barrage of information which is difficult to wade through as a common person has no medical background. We hope to condense and provide accurate and up to date information which can help you understand the illness and treatment better so you can make informed decisions.

We wish to create a platform which will help to upgrade the medical and allied fields into the digital age by providing them with relevant interface.
We are extremely passionate in helping our patients experience the latest in modern medicine and provide you with the technical support to store and manage your medical information which is extremely useful for doctors to review.
We want to bridge the gap between patients and doctors so that they both can understand and help each other better.                                      


To ensure that patients and doctors are able to get accurate and relevant information in order to help each other.
To ensure a smooth work flow for the treatment, by involving medical and allied professions on the same platform.

To improve the standard of care.
To provide patients, doctors and other medical professionals to have the means necessary to support themselves in this digital age.
To enrich lives by helping maximum number of people.
.                                                                                Core Values 

Accuracy, Compassion, Confidentiality, Dependability, Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, .

.                                                                        Meet the Founder

Between managing his dental practice and worrying about the future of medical field, he has managed to create a platform that will upgrade the medical field into the modern day. This platform wishes to create a modern day directory for the best doctors, helping patients select their best chances at recovering from their illness.

                                                                                   Dr. Neil Mitra

          Founder & CEO

Mr. Jayant Mitra Chief Technologist of esynapse.in has been in the Information Technology field since more than 35 years having worked on all generations of computers, different databses, developed softwares in most of the languages and having domain knowledge of Healthcare, Retail, BFSI and e-governance. SaaS based project was developed for Human Resource system in 2006 which is now called cloud / Digital platform

Jayant Mitra


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