For Doctors

Lab Work

Lab Work Assignment module is available for giving different kind of work by Dentist & doctors to Laboratories.

Status of assignment can be updated later as and when its completed.

Any Column can be edited / updated whenever changes are required or even deleted as well.

Sorting can be done on any column by clicking icon next to tittle of column.

Search can be done on all / particular ( by selecting from dropdown ) column from search available.

All lab work can be downloaded as excel file by clicking of “Download” button.

Add Assistants


Doctors can add assistants to assists and for different clinic activities.

Assistants can assists doctors for Patients registration.

Assistants can assists doctors for adding Patients medical history.

Assistants can assists doctors for scheduling appointments of patients.

Assistants can edit profiles of patients if changes are required.

Assistants can delete appointments if wrongly scheduled.




e-Library is powerful platform to share and know more about developments in medical field.

Doctors can share their papers, findings, articles and research papers which can help other doctors by posting in e-Library.

File name or topic name to be added before submitting so that other will know subject of postings done.

Doctors  can upload PDF, Presentation, Images and Excel files.


Clinic Accounting


All receipts are added during visits and provision to send SMS is available for outstanding amount to patients.

Doctors can add expenses from ‘Add Expenses’ option with particulars of expense.

Doctors can also view listing of expenses of any month and can edit particular expense entered in case if any changes are required.

In Financials option All transactions summary is available of last six months as well as current month.

Columns are Month/Year, Billing, Receipt, Expenses, Outstanding and Income.

Add Patient Health Record


Patient health record can be added from this option.
After registration next screen is to add health record of patients. In this option patient illnesses, Allergies, habits of smoking, Liquor consumption, Tobacco in any form, blood group, medical history, Dental history and current medication if any.
Health record will be updated based on information provided by patient.
On completion and submitting health record you will be directed to patient visit.

Patient Registration By Doctor


Doctors can register patients with their permission.
Registration will capture personal details like Name, cell no, Email Id,date of birth, Gender, Complete address and password.
Password can be given to patient on registration.
If patient is not willing to share his address then address need not be entered since the same is not compulsory.

My Page


Doctors can upload any files like Image, Word, PDf or even Video mentioning some name / description of uploaded file from ‘My Page’.

This will not be seen by anyone other than doctor himself. He can show others from his login.

This is basically provided for reference purpose so that Doctor can refer anytime just by a click.

Some important articles which is required to be referred frequently can be uploaded from ‘My Page’

In case if file is wrongly uploaded then the same can be deleted as well from delete option



Blogging Feature


Doctors can add Blog by clicking on ‘Add Blog’ through ‘Blog’ option.

In blogs doctors can write details of his own topic and upload files like Pictures, Word, Excel, PDF and even videos can be uploaded.

File size for uploading is restricted to 25MB.

Blogs will be seen by all doctors who are registered with us.

Doctors can leave comment on a blog by other doctors and the same can be shared on Facebook as well.

Search is available in blog of a particular topic.

You can also click on ‘LIKE’ if you like any blog / posted by any doctor.


Patient Appointment


Patient appointment can be scheduled from appointment option. Patient can be searched on name as well as cell no.

Consulting room and date as well as time slot ( from time and to time ) can be selected based on availability of time slot for respective consulting room. ( can be seen from chart shown below ).

All appointments of patients can be seen at a glance for current week and then based on week selected from calendar ( available on left side). Consulting room wise appointment can be viewed.

SMS  will be sent to patient when appointment is scheduled and also on the day of appointment as reminder.



Patient Visits


During visits of patients search is available on cell no as well as name. If there are multiple patients of same name then patients full name with age will be shown for selection. Same search is available in appointment as well.

Doctors can add multiple parameters like Diagnosis, Treatment and charges in profile for reference. Parameters can be added during patients visits since diagnosis and treatment varies from patient to patient and according to category ( for e.g. dentist, Orthopedic, Ophthalmologist Etc. ).

In Visit option doctors can view outstanding of all patients.

On clicking Bill and prescription during visit of any patient PDF files are created which can be viewed and printed and the same will be mailed to patient on his email ID ( PDF format )

All past visits can be seen by selecting date and time of visit from drop down available of a patient.

Forum for Doctors


All doctors can participate in Forum

Forum is a platform to interact with other doctors on a particular topic

Complete profile before starting to post in forum

Doctors can email to admin at to add new forum or even to open new category under particular forum

Doctors can post about new topic created and all can reply on the same topic

Doctors can even subscribe on a particular topic to get email as and when any doctor adds new posts in continuation or comments on topic subscribed by him

Doctors can subscribe topics from My Profile >> Subscription or click on subscribe topic

While adding topic you can provide link to articles published on other website and upload word,PDf or excel file as well


What services Doctors will get after Registration


Doctor can register by completing registration form. Admin will send mail after activating account and then update profile after logging into account. Doctors can register their patients, store medical records and add visits after scheduling appointment. System will send email when patient is registered and as and when appointment is scheduled SMS and email will be sent to patient. All visits outstanding can be seen on just a click. Bill and prescription will be generated on every visit. ( SMS will be sent only if doctor have availed SMS* facility while registering ).

In profile doctors can upload pictures of their clinic for patients to see when they search for a doctor of particular category.

In doctors profile apart from personal information they can also add standard services and charges for different type of treatments ( mostly in case of dentist ).

Option to add expenses is available along with financial summary of last six months comprising of billing, receipts, expenses, outstanding and income.

Doctors can upload their own reports, treatment related pictures and videos for reference and to show patients if related with their treatment from my page.

Blogging can be done by doctors which will be seen by registered doctors, medical students and patients through Blogs.

In e-Library doctors can share their papers and other articles by uploading as PDF, presentation, Images or as Excel file.

Doctors can search specialists from our Panel list of Doctors.

Doctors can participate in Forum for discussion with other doctors and can also subscribe in case if they like some topics.

My patients data can be accessed by all doctors ?


NO. Your patients data is confidential and no other doctor can view unless patient himself shares with other doctor.

What about SMS to my patients


System will send SMS to your patients as and when appointment is scheduled and also at 5am on the day of appointment if you have availed SMS subscription services.

Emails will also be sent on patients email Id as and when appointment is scheduled and also on the day of appointment.