For Patients


Patient will get email on registration. Open email and click on link provided to activate account.

Patient can login after activating account.

If patient is already registered by doctor then he can click on lost password to reset or to get new password.

Patient will receive mail to change password. Click on link provided in email. On changing password patient can login to access his account.




What services are provided by esynapse


esynapse provides Platform for Doctors to serve patients and to manage complete details like registration, Appointment, Sending SMS and email for reminder, Visit details, payment/ outstanding and complete record maintenance of treatments done.

Pharmacies can register so that patients can get list of pharmacies within his area to buy medicines by sending e-prescription for home delivery.

Other health care service providers can also register so that patients can search and contact for services based on their needs.

Who are eligible for registration


All Doctors, Medical Students, Patients and Health care service providers across globe are eligible for registration. All such professionals/ Partners can use esynapse platform to provide services to registered patients.

We have provided forums to share amongst different professional groups about their new findings, treatments and development in medicine field.

What is esynapse


esynapse is Technological platform providing virtual world for medical field catering to Doctors, Patients and health care partners for their functioning which will benefit all since complete synchronization will be amongst all because of sharing data on need-to-know basis and all are available 24 X 7 virtually.

Doctors can share their ideas and new treatment done for different diseases and exchange views with other doctors in Forum.Blogging can be done by doctors to share their innovation and new methodology in medicines.

esynapse will bridge the gap between doctors and patients since doctors will be available for chat as well as for consultation.

Clinical reports from Laboratories can be uploaded so that doctors and patients can see simultaneously without any delay so that doctors can start treatment based on new reports / findings.

Other health care partners like Physiotherapists will be referred by doctors who are registered with us.

Patients can buy medicines prescribed by doctors from pharmacies registered with us.