Save the Saviours

Recently, a doctor on duty in the state of West Bengal was mercilessly hit by around 200 men at a hospital. His Scans have been doing rounds on social media, & show how cruelly he was beaten up. He is currently in bad shape, & the doctors say, even if the treatment is successful he will never be able to lead a normal life, rest assured will never be able to practice medicine.

This is not the first attack on a doctor, but there have been several such incidents not only in India, but worldwide. To stop this violence, the Doctor’s across India Staged a Strike to protest against the Laws, which does not ensure them a safe environment to work in.

No matter how many atrocities they have been through, these doctors had assured the people that emergency cases will be treated & only elective treatment will be affected.

That’s how noble the Profession is!!!

The protests were non-violent. The placards held by them had only one appeal, i.e. to be treated like humans. They want people to understand that the human body is complex, & everyone doesn’t respond equally to a particular line of treatment for the same disease.

They spend endless nights studying, preparing for countless exams & finally becoming a DOCTOR after years of hard work. For them, it doesn’t end there. They have to give up a lot of important events in their lives just so they can relieve the illness of some unknown person whom they might not see for the rest of their lives. This is their daily routine.

Recently, a doctor from Kerala performed the last rites of a few patients who died due to the NIPAH virus, as the relatives denied to do so. The relatives were scared they would also get infected so did not come. But the doctor, even after knowing the risks involved went ahead & performed the last rites.

This is just one example of how selfless our doctors are.

In regard to the recent violence against doctors, a famous politician makes a statement that Policemen Die on Field, so why should doctors be treated differently. When people with great power fail to understand, what impact their statements can make on the minds of the people, it surely is the time to wake up. We at ESYNAPSE, want people to understand that the Police & the Army are also Noble Professions, & we have nothing but respect for the Personnel serving in them, but there’s a huge difference between the medical field & a battle field. Doctors are trained to treat patients & not to fight with them. The more time a doctor spends in a library is beneficial to the patients than the time spent in the gym.

We request all our viewers, to respect all professions alike & stop this violence against them.

We hope to do our bit to let this profession stay noble.