What services Doctors will get after Registration


Doctor can register by completing registration form. Admin will send mail after activating account and then update profile after logging into account. Doctors can register their patients, store medical records and add visits after scheduling appointment. System will send email when patient is registered and as and when appointment is scheduled SMS and email will be sent to patient. All visits outstanding can be seen on just a click. Bill and prescription will be generated on every visit. ( SMS will be sent only if doctor have availed SMS* facility while registering ).

In profile doctors can upload pictures of their clinic for patients to see when they search for a doctor of particular category.

In doctors profile apart from personal information they can also add standard services and charges for different type of treatments ( mostly in case of dentist ).

Option to add expenses is available along with financial summary of last six months comprising of billing, receipts, expenses, outstanding and income.

Doctors can upload their own reports, treatment related pictures and videos for reference and to show patients if related with their treatment from my page.

Blogging can be done by doctors which will be seen by registered doctors, medical students and patients through Blogs.

In e-Library doctors can share their papers and other articles by uploading as PDF, presentation, Images or as Excel file.

Doctors can search specialists from our Panel list of Doctors.

Doctors can participate in Forum for discussion with other doctors and can also subscribe in case if they like some topics.