Image result for images of digital platform in medicine is a Technological platform providing a virtual world for the medical field catering to Doctors, Patients, and Health care partners for their functioning which will benefit all since complete co-ordination & synchronization will be amongst all because of sharing data on a need-to-know basis and all are available 24 X 7 digitally.



Doctors from all streams ( like dentists, Dietitians, physiotherapists Etc., ), patients, and health care partners like Ophthalmologist, Pharmacies, Pathological laboratories Etc., can register with us. Doctors can register patients, their medical history, appointments ( reminders with WA Messages ), and all visit details with treatment, prescription during each visit, Charges per visit, and clinical notes.

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In Forum  Doctors can share their ideas, research and new treatment done for different diseases and exchange views with other doctors. Doctors can also upload their research papers, images and videos. Doctors can form their groups and invite other doctors for group discussion and exchange of thoughts.


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Soon we will provide one-to-one video conference between doctors in case of emergency. We will also arrange webinars on different topics by specialists in their respective field. esynapse will bridge the gap between doctors and patients since doctors will be available for chat as well as for consultation on-line. Patients can also ask for second opinion from our registered doctors.





Clinical reports of patients from Laboratories can be uploaded by labs if they are registered with us. Doctors and patients can see reports simultaneously without any delay so that doctors can start treatment immediately based on new reports / findings.





We also provide blogging platform for doctors so that the same can be seen by all doctors. Doctors can subscribe particular topic as well even if it is blogged by other doctors. Doctors cannot view other doctors patients details unless patient himself shares with other doctors with his password.





We will be publishing events happening in medical fields like seminars, lectures and conferences by specialist doctors and even registration of events can be done on-line.